The Digital Truth

Recent studies/surveys reveal that nearly 40% of C-Suite Executives acknowledge that their data is still stored via spreadsheets. In fact, according to a SAP survey of C-level executives from worldwide companies (conducted in the last 18 months), results included the following disturbing facts:

  • “Only 35 percent of the executives claimed to have a defined digital transformation strategy.
  • “Only 27 percent of their executives have the technology skills necessary for digital transformation.”
  • “Only 10 percent of their Human Resource Division has implemented a recruitment/training program to close the skill gap.”

This is worrisome in our analytics-driven culture, indicating both a strong need for business intelligence tools and training at the upper levels as well as stronger data analytic strategies for business in general. Furthermore, passion and skill for data collection, analyzation, and practical application must begin at the top to be ultimately effective.

Corporate technology invokes a commitment to not only rising to the current level of technology advancements, but also to enacting a specific plan to then remain current, or even a jump ahead. In addition to gaining real knowledge from data and business intelligence, as well practical application of analytics in relation to business needs, top areas to focus on include:

  • Security
  • Private/Hybrid Cloud
  • Digital marketing
  • Consolidation/Optimization
  • Customer engagement management

Recognizing technological weaknesses and incorporating a company goal, backed by a solid plan is essential, but don’t fall into the one-size-fits-all mistake. Consider your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, and your immediate, as well as your long-term needs.

Establish your vision and determine what anchor hires are needed to accomplish your goals. According to Digital/McKinsey, potential key hires could include:

  • Experience designers
  • Scrum masters and agility coaches
  • Full-stack architects
  • Next-gen machine-learning engineers
  • DevOps engineers 

Finally, evaluate your recruiting process. Connect with the best sources to make those essential hires happen.

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