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Curate Testimonials

Client 4

“One thing I really like about Curate is that my people (contractors) say that they are treated very well too. I’ve had a number of Contractors ask me to transfer from their current vendor to Curate based on the fact that they seem to be a better organization to work for. Every recruiter will give… Read more »

Client 3

“Makes it easier on my managers and on my staff when we bring someone in who can do work in a complex environment. I’m not hiring Curate to copy/paste. I need strong people who can lead a team sometimes. That’s the business benefit of getting people from Curate.”

Client 2

“I’ve even told friends in the technology business about Curate…We’re actually a small community in the technology business and when you have a good strategy, we don’t mind telling others about it.”

Client 1

“I mostly got resumes back from the others…The people at Curate came over to talk more about my challenges. They made it a point to understand our needs. They brought a partnership touch and listened to the problems I was trying to solve.”

Glass Door 2

The best part of Curate Partners is the people. I work with a bunch of talented people from Curate with an amazing passion to work and energy that is infectious.

Glass Door 1

I did not expect my career to advance as quickly as it did. But as soon as I joined, I realized that I was in an environment where you have no option but to strive to be the best.

Job Seeker 1

Curate reached out to me for a role they had in mind and unlike 99% of their industry, they actually worked to make the absolute fit and truly helped me. They were transparent through the process and had my best interests in mind. I left for a permanent role elsewhere but I would jump at… Read more »

Job Seeker 2

A real partner approach to landing the best job EVER! Johnny and the team provided me with timely updates, appropriate interview coaching and the perception that they really wanted me to succeed. The great benefits were unexpected. I was delighted by my interactions with them. I look forward to working with them again. Curate will… Read more »

Job Seeker 3

Curate is a great place to work. The employees and management are truly amazing and want you to succeed while having fun!

Job Seeker 4

It is great working with Curate. The onboarding process is very smooth. Curate maintains an excellent employer employee relationship. They know how to match talent and they make sure that the purple squirrels are happy with their work…