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What makes us different? You.

You don’t want to be a number. This is a people business. In fact, rule #1 of the Cur8 is “people first." What does that mean to you? It means emails and phone calls answered promptly, frequent communication while on assignment, one-on-one time with a Curate representative, feedback provided on submittals and interview status, and a paycheck that is accurate and timely.

What makes us better?

Winning Network

Being a part of the nest means you will be recognized as an impactful employee and the ideal candidate.

Top Client Partners

Work with the most innovative companies, that are pioneering today's digital transformation.

Stress-Free Experience

We take the stress out of the job searching, interviewing and the hiring process all together. It's our priority to make your experience at Curate a seamless journey.


We are committed to building a long-term partnerships. That means spending one-on-one time with a Curate representative to get to know you and your career goals. Let's grab lunch!


We provide industry leading benefits, competitive referral programs and the chance to become an SME.


We want to work with you for the long haul. That means our recruiters have your best interests in mind and continuously work to keep you employed.

A focus on quality. A focus on people.
A focus on service. A desire to work with only the best.


“My time is valued by Curate. I think they really spend the time and energy to understand the role and the type of person needed for the culture and the position. But this alone is not completely unique. The uniqueness is more of the targeted match. They have been able to find very good skill set folks that meet our requirements. They don’t give us hundreds of resumes and make us become the sorting machine. “

– Senior Application Engineer


“I joined Curate Partners in 2016 and I am so impressed by their efficiency and pace of recruitment processes. It was so transparent and relentless unlike most other companies I worked with. They are great at what they do. Also, Curate Partners has network with various Clients in several domains and technologies.  The best part of Curate Partners is the people. I work with a bunch of talented people from Curate with an amazing passion to work and energy that is infectious. I have enjoyed the responsiveness and professionalism that they have provided, and would not hesitate to recommend their service for anyone I know”

-UX Lead, eCommerce


“I am lucky to be part of Curate from past 2 years plus and working for Curate is so wonderful and the people here are very friendly and supportive. I just concentrate on my work with no stress and they take care of everything else and make my life easy. We will have lot of parties and gatherings frequently and have a good work and life balance. It’s been a great journey so far with Curate and I am proud to be part of it”

-DevOps Engineer


“Curate Partners had something that set them in a different league than the rest. I’m no stranger to emails of job opportunities that sound robotic, so I was hesitant to become a “number.” Even before becoming a client of Curate, I felt welcomed and truly heard in my needs and wants of my career. They listened 120% and dedicated efforts to identify the best outcomes for me. I always felt like more than a number on the client list at Curate and it is all because of the amazing group of people onboard. Definitively a great team of professionals. Thank you for all your dedication and support.”

-UX/IA Designer


“I was reluctant to enter the market as a contractor but then I heard about Curate and how they were different from other staffing agencies. As soon as I met with the recruiter, I could see why. From the beginning, they made extra strides to meet with me and truly understand my needs as a candidate. They saw the value in me and recognized that my experience set me apart from the talent pool. I expressed my interest in a particular company and they found me an entry and I later got the job. It was seamless for me, Curate represented me and the client and had everyone’s best interests in mind. At Curate, I don’t feel like a number, I feel like we have a partnership that is mutually beneficial for everybody. It’s fantastic, I love dealing with you guys. You’ve earned my loyalty. I won’t work for any other agency.”

-Business Analyst


“Great communication on the status of the hiring process from 1st touch with the client all the way through to the offer. Love the beer glass, use every day at work……….. Low level of administrative overhead for the contractors. They actually care.”

-Senior Agile Coach/Strategist


“On the surface, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to work at Curate Partners. They really work hard to make employees happy— great benefits, excellent communication, and a great professional environment make it a wonderful place to work. Ever since I started here, I have been floored by the open-mindedness of people to seeing the best solution to something, regardless of where it comes from. Most importantly, they were willing to sponsor my H1, my perm process went smoother than I ever thought and I’m on to my green card. Very happy to be part of Curate family!”

-Senior Application Engineer


“I have worked with Curate Partners for almost one year. Curate Partners is by far one of my favorite vendors to work with. The entire team is extremely responsive, attentive, and proactive. I would definitely recommend Curate Partners based on my professional experience for their professional, dependable, dedication, and strong work ethics.”

-Business Analyst


“Leaving the familiarity of corporate life and taking the plunge into a consulting role can be intimidating. Starting your own business can also be truly liberating if you have the right kind of support. Curate Partners made it easy for me by providing a solid set of contract opportunities for my area of specialty, plus good advice and connections for everything from business insurance to retirement planning. If you’re considering a career move I recommend Curate without hesitation.”

-PM, Scrum Master


“Searching for a position in a developing role like DevOps is a challenge. No one agrees on the definition and the skill set. Curate Partners understands how to overcome these challenges and match clients and prospective hires through strong relationships. With an existing longtime client relationship, Curate identified my enthusiasm for innovation and technology and knew I was a fit for the clients high energy environment. The client was growing and transitioning from a legacy platform to new technologies and my DevOps skills were a perfect fit to help them make the leap. They are one of the few firms out there that actually listens and backs up what they say with consistent interaction.”

- DevOps Lead

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  1. A term used by employment recruiters to describe a job candidate with precisely the right education, set of experience, and range of qualifications that perfectly fits a job’s requirements.

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