• Save time with Curate Partners

    At Curate, we save you time by bridging the talent gap in digital transformation and technology innovation.

    Digital transformation and technology innovations are changing the way companies do business.

    While most recruiting firms do not practice the modern methodologies required to recruit today's top talent. We do.

  • Our talent includes…


    For one-time projects, alleviating workload in peak seasons, interim employment, quick hires for last minute demands, we have excellent talent at the ready to deliver digital expertise for whatever the task may be.

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    When you are looking to fulfill the needs of the ever-changing, on-going market demands with critical in-house experience, we help you hire the right talent for the job.

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    Project teams

    The more you invest in business transformation around digital innovation the more you’ll find a need for a team of purple squirrels to reap the benefits.

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    [Re]‘s behind our proven methodologies


    Our specialized recruiters are the core of our business and they are proactive in their pursuit of top tier talent.


    We work one-on-one with our candidates to build a foundation for longevity and success for our clients.


    The best way to find purple squirrels is from other purple squirrels, and we have a whole network of them.


    It’s all in the family right? Our purple squirrels want to work for us and we know their talents. We have a pool of specialists ready and excited for a new project.


    We seek to comprehensively understand your needs, therefore we refine and cater the candidates we send to exceed your expectations.


    In providing highly skilled, capable contractors, we help you solve some of your biggest business challenges.

    Our value prop to you

    A winning network

    Our robust network of purple squirrels allows us to quickly address any unforeseen hiring needs.

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    Higher rates of success

    Because of our quality-first approach, you spend 3-4x less time vetting resumes. Plus, our contractors tend to have higher rate of success, reducing disruptive turnover.

    Hear from Clients

    Drive new strategies

    Clients have been able to drive new and follow-on business, increase budgets, and deploy strategic platforms as a result of our contractors’ work.

    Success Stories

    Our NPS score speaks for itself

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    We prioritize getting to know you and your specific requirements not only for the project but for your culture.

    What to expect from us:

    • emails & phone calls answered promptly
    • confidence in the candidates we send
    • constant communication
    • friendly partners!