Recruiting and Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities

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Disability Outreach and Inclusion Messaging
Assessment Checklist for Career Pages: Company career pages that clearly communicate a commitment to disability inclusion can be an effective way to increase an organization’s pool of qualified candidates with disabilities. Career pages should contain, or link to, a section geared specifically towards hiring individuals with disabilities...
Disabilities Resources
Quick tips: Interviewing people with disabilities
Fair hiring laws were enacted to give every candidate a fair chance in the interview and selection process. Yet more than 25 years after the American with Disabilities Act became law, recruiters and managers are still uncertain about what they can and cannot ask in an interview session. The key to increasing knowledge and awareness around this critical issue is...
Disabilities Resources
Quick tips: Recruiting people with disabilities
Train Your Recruitment Professionals. Inform recruiters about the do’s and don’ts of interviewing candidates with disabilities. Be Inclusive. Include people with disabilities on your company recruitment teams. Create an Accessible Application Process. Review all aspects of your application process, both online and in print, to assure it is accessible for people with disabilities...

Disability Etiquette

Disabilities Resources
Basics for business
Finding a Comfort Level with Disability. You may feel that you can’t define disability, but you know it when you see it. There may be visual clues, such as a wheel-chair, guide dog, or cane. But some disabilities are not immediately apparent or...
Disabilities Resources
Disability Etiquette Guide
Everyday strategies for effective communication with people with disabilities.Disability etiquette is nothing more than ensuring that effective communication and positive interactions occur with everyone you meet
Disabilities Resources
Quick Tips
Person First. Get to know the person first. Human nature is to notice differences, but disability does not define a person. It is just part of who they are. Most people have adapted to their disability and are comfortable with it.


Disabilities Resources
Autism at work playbook
Finding talent and creating meaningful employment opportunities for people with autism