Professional Recruiting and Your Career

Part I – Choosing a Recruiter

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was a childhood dream for our friend from the Midwest. Finally, she had an opportunity to travel down the west coast, but the afternoon her touring group passed through San Francisco, there was a heavy fog. Though their wheels traveled the length of the bridge, she could only imagine how it looked. Sometimes a career can be like this; your wheels have driven the course – you’re in the top 20% of your industry, but you have this nagging suspicion that you haven’t yet “seen the bridge.”

Connecting with a great recruiting partner can be your best option for “lifting the fog” and doing more than imagining your dream position. When you’re one of the best in your field, it makes sense to choose a recruiter who’s one of the best in their field, but what key recruiting traits/skills should you seek? What key indicators should you seek in a recruiting firm? The fact is, the best recruiters each bring unique characteristics to the table, but there are several distinct similarities among top performers.

People Person: Top recruiters invest in people because they like people and have a strong desire to help them grow – in their specific field of interests and expertise. They care about candidates, naturally cultivating long-term relationships, focused more on giving than receiving. You can trust them to fulfill their promises.

Communicator: They make an art of sharing knowledge with powerful stories, word pictures, easy-to-understand analogies, and a definitive point. Clear and consistent, reliable updates and information is part of their “package” when working with clients. Perhaps their greatest communication strength is their willingness and ability to listen and hear not only what you share, but all your unspoken words too.

Thought Leader: Great recruiters are pace setters – influencers who not only recognize familiar elements in new situations but can also discover fresh insight and vision in what most consider common situations. They specialize in the industry(s)they know the best, which enables them to quickly and accurately connect top talent with the best-choice clients/positions.

Technology Master: Because they are the best, top recruiters recognize and master the best tools and technologies, without allowing said technologies to master them. Technology enhances, rather than hinders their customer service.

Professional: The best recruiters maintain professionalism in recruiting. They market your “career” as a business, discerning your best traits and then connecting you to the optimum position for your skills, expertise, passions, and personality. There is nothing generic about their service. Every client, every candidate is a unique “brand” in their eyes, and they dig deep to find connections that prosper.

Avid Reader: Finally, the best recruiters are at the top of their field because they keep reading, learning, attending conferences, participating in webinars and online discussion groups. They know the latest trends in recruiting, technology, and career prospects. They just keep getting better at connecting talent with companies.

Connecting with the best recruiter for your career growth is easier when you consider these essential traits. Choosing the best recruiting firm is also key. As with recruiters, many recruiting firms offer similar packages, but there are points of excellence among the specialty firms dedicated to a specific niche.

Check in for Part II in our next blog. We’ll discuss the common denominators that make a boutique staffing firm your best choice.

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