Professional Recruiting and Your Career – Part II

“Boutique” or “Niche” Recruiting Agencies

In our last blog, we discussed what traits to seek in a recruiter. Today we’ll talk about the recruiting agency rather than the individual recruiter.

When you are in the top 20% of talent of a specialty field, you need a recruiting agency that is as specialized as your career is – an agency that offers depth as well as width. In other words, you and your career need a boutique staffing agency.

5 Reasons Why Working with a Boutique Agency is the Best Choice

  1. Boutique recruiting agencies focus on a specific domain, connecting highly-skilled and talented candidates in a specific field with key companies within that industry.
  2. Recruitment agencies who specialize in a specific industry have recruiters who have the background, experience, and knowledge specific to that industry. Their recruiters are involved in the industry and, typically, have worked in the industry before becoming a recruiter. They participate in industry conferences, webinars, etc. and stay in tune with news and updates.
  3. They know the industry language, the typical work environment, current technologies, regulatory guidelines, and market-based information. Your resume not only makes sense, but they also have the knowledge and experience to help you update and present yourself in the best format. They know what you are looking for, from responsibilities to culture to benefits, and what position/company will be your best connection.
  4. Actually, connection is their middle name. Companies who seek top talent in specialized industries don’t waste time in generalities; They establish relationships with boutique recruiters who will provide specialized talent with the skills, education, and experience they need. This means that boutique recruitment agency stays connected with the right companies. They know where the jobs are – their resources have depth.
  5. Boutique recruiters not only understand talent; they understand their clients. They build a clear picture of their style, culture, needs, and job requirements. By aligning this knowledge alongside your skills, experience, professional goals, and life expectations, they create a clear-cut personal strategy for your career’s forward movement.

Summary: Boutique or niche recruitment agencies have an extensive and detailed knowledge of the industry they represent and ensure their finger is on the pulse of their specific industry. Their recruiters are experienced and connected. This unique specialized focus creates a depth of resources and connection to the top companies in their domain.

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