Large Healthcare Provider

The Challenge:

A large healthcare provider was lacking the digital footprint they needed to focus on the interests of their customers and the competitive advantage needed to stay relevant and favored. From the top down this client was planning to invest in a massive transition across their digital portfolio. Therefore, an EVP of Digital was brought on board to meet those demands that involved gathering better patient analytics and improving the user experience via web and mobile tools. In their efforts to create a platform for their customers, they quickly recognized that the skills of the legacy employees did not match the modern technologies required to make the digital transformation journey.

Our Solution:

We partnered with the client to develop a team of experts to help build out their vision of a bigger and better future with their customers. From customer experience to big data analytics as decision drivers, Curate’s team of 35 consultants successfully underwent a complete overhaul of the customer experience strategy.

The Results:

With a fully staffed team of mobile experts, the client successfully launched a mobile application that received 40K downloads in its first month.

Testimonial from the client
"My time is valued by Curate. I think they really spend the time and energy to understand the role and the type of person needed for the culture and the position. But this alone is not completely unique. The uniqueness is more of the targeted match. They have been able to find very good skill set folks that meet our requirements. They don’t give us hundreds of resumes and make us become the sorting machine."
EVP, Digital Strategy