Financial Services Company

The Challenge:

A well-known fintech company that specializes in providing industry-leading investment system solutions for the financial services industry was upgrading an outdated product that reconciled mutual fund pricing. The product had originally been built as an on-premise software package for customers to access portfolio pricing information. The product upgrade was to provide the customer with remote, cloud-based access to their information in a secure environment and a more mobile friendly manner. The challenge they faced was that the new system had to be virtually fault tolerant and 100 percent accurate- every minute of every day.

To further complicate this transformation, the current employee skillset they had in-house revolved around an antiquated product, which resulted in a skills gap that was not capable of building a more robust, scalable, secure and modern product.

Our Solution:

We partnered with our client to begin an aggressive recruiting campaign to find the talent for this platform renovation. Historically, the organization did not develop using an agile methodology, but with Curates involvement, we provided the first agile/scrum master to the organization. Additionally, the client divided their new product into 13 components that each had their own product manager, of which Curate filled several of them.

Business Results:

By helping retool their workforce into a more modern technology and modern skillset, the client is able to drive innovation that their customers require, while opening new opportunities for additional customers.