FAQs for Job Seekers

How do I get in touch with Curate Partners?

The best way to get in touch with a Curate representative is to complete this link and we will be sure to get in touch with your preferred

Do I have to work exclusively with Curate Partners?

We do not require individuals to work exclusively with our company. Instead, we do ask that you are open and candid about interviews you have outside of Curate Partners. We work with an abundance of innovative companies hiring in your area and want to see you succeed. Therefore, letting your recruiter know the entire breadth of your job search will ensure you land a new position as quickly as possible!

What does contract-to-hire mean?

A contract-to-hire agreement is a great way for you as an employee to see if a company is a good fit for your career goals. This is your chance to see if you align with the culture and pace of work to see if you want to commit long term. C2H has become increasingly popular for many innovative companies which has resulted in an influx of job opportunities for third party staffing solutions such as Curate Partners, that’s more chances for you to find the perfect fit while gaining experience. Typically, individuals are paid a higher hourly rate with a C2H assignment because you’re taking the risk away from the employer!

Does Curate Partners offer benefits to their consultants?

Upon eligibility, we give our consultants the ability to enroll or waive in our 401(k) program, as well as health and dental insurance.

What types of positions does Curate specialize in?

Curate specializes in the following digital/tech roles: UX/UI Design, Project Management, Product Management, Data Analysis & Science, Business Intelligence, SEO/SEM, Web/Mobile Development, Business Analysis, Software Development, DevOps, Cloud Architect…

How often do I get paid?

Curate Consultants will receive their pay weekly, every Friday, starting on the Friday of the week after your start date.

What kind of companies does Curate Partners work with?

We pride ourselves on partnering with the most innovative companies across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. These companies are pioneering the Digital Transformation Era by practicing the newest technologies and processes. Curate works across multiple industries including but not limited to, Healthcare, FinTech, Insurance, Pharma, Hospitality, Banking, eCommerce, Computer Software.

What should I do if my assignment has ended?

Be sure to let your recruiter know when your work assignment ends so we can consider you for a new assignment. We constantly have new and exciting opportunities arising so we are excited to get you redeployed onto a new assignment.

What is Curate’s Referral Bonus Program?

Curate welcomes the opportunity for our business partners (employees, contractors, clients, etc.) to refer any of your friends or colleagues to one of the many job openings at Curate. Best part, we reward you with a bonus! To learn more and submit a friend visit our “Refer-a-Squirrel” page

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