Digital Transformation Salary Guide

Digital Transformation involves a lot of moving parts including various roles and responsibilities. Curate Partners specializes in fostering a digital workforce to support our client’s bottom line in their digital and technology goals. We have compiled a list of the most in demand digital/tech jobs surrounding digital transformation and included the average salary based on years of experience. This guide is meant to help you benchmark your compensation levels to make the best hiring decisions. Check it out:

About Curate Partners

Curate Partners is a specialized recruitment agency that bridges the talent gap in digital transformation. We match highly qualified talent with today’s hottest companies in tech innovation.

Our proven recruiting methodologies have enabled us to secure a robust community of Purple Squirrels. These are valuable game-changers who are extremely rare, impactful employees and they are considered the perfect fit by employers.

Curate Partners derives its name from the Latin word “to care” (cura). Translated into the English noun version, curate means “one who looks after souls”. We have a firm belief that our stakeholders–employees, candidates, clients and communities (charities) should be treated as equals and partners. People are the core of our business. Not numbers. Not spreadsheets. Not profits.