CEO, Dan Foley Featured on B-Time w/ Beth Bierbower

Nov 17th, 2020: Curate Partners’ Founder & CEO, Dan Foley was a guest speaker on the B-Time Podcast by Beth Bierbower:
“A weekly podcast designed for working individuals willing to take a little time out of their busy schedules to invest in themselves. B-Time is about broadening your professional horizons by learning from the experiences of other business leaders. As a former executive of a Fortune 100 company, I know continuous learning is important to help you stay current, and more importantly relevant at work. But it’s often difficult to find the time to invest in ourselves.  B-Time is designed to bring career and business insights to you through a series of weekly discussions with high-profile executives and other experts on topics that will help you professionally and save you time."

Organizations are rapidly building out capabilities to prepare themselves for a digital future.

This requires competencies in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Agile Learning, Emerging Technologies, Customer Experience, Product Management and more.

It’s not easy defining and executing on a roadmap for digital transformation, it’s complex, it varies from organization to organization.

However, there is one common thread. A successful digital transformation depends on hiring, organizing and motivating the right talent. Talent that can help you build out digital capabilities and experiences. Talent that can help you build a sustainable business model for the long term.

The competition for talent for digital transformation is fierce. By the time you interview somebody, they likely have several competing offers. Companies have to move at lightning speed in their hiring process. They have to think about their compensation differently and maybe come up with some unique arrangements. They have to examine their culture, their norms, their business practices and offer flexibility.

This can prove to be a nightmare for HR business partners. Tune in to hear Dan and Beth as they dive into Human Capital and Tech Talent Recruitment Solutions.

Dan shares his insights on attracting the right talent, the elite talent (the Purple Squirrel) for digital transformation. He is also going to share some alternative staffing models to help organizations jumpstart their digital transformation project.

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