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Why Digital/Tech Leaders are viewing COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity

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It is no secret that COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the US economy including all facets of business. However, among the chaos, one thing that has transpired, is the rapid adoption of digital and technology innovation within organizations who are making efforts to stay afloat. In fact, digital leaders are viewing this as… Read more »

Curate Cares Team Donates 200+ Thank You Gifts to Local Hospitals

Curate Cares team donates 200+ thank you gifts to local hospitals-hero Each day we read and hear about the evolving news surrounding COVID-19 and it’s impact across the globe. Most of us are lucky to have the ability to stay in the safety of our own home to flatten the curve, while others do not. Health care workers brave each day working under strenuous conditions to... Read more »

Companies Progressing Find Relief Through Hiring Remote “Gig” Workers

Woman working remotely Now more than ever, the need to continue to push digital solutions and advancements in healthcare and other related industries is evident. Tech roles have been the fastest growing profession on the market due to the rising interest and need for newest tech trends / processes. As most know, this has led to an increase... Read more »

Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, Tech Innovators are Continuing to Hire

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Organizations across the globe are learning to adapt to the new norm, and yet despite the COVID-19 pandemic, some are able to continue the pace of business. In fact, many have been and will be hiring over the next few months. As the U.S. Government mandates social distancing to combat the spread of coronavirus, technology… Read more »

4 Simple Steps to Picking the Best Internship for your Career

Young woman holding notebook in classroom An internship can be one of the most important building blocks in a college student’s career development.  Internships give a unique opportunity to learn by doing in a setting that gives direct exposure to seeing your college classes unfold outside of the classroom. Many of the life skills that are important for your career, can... Read more »

Curate Partners Taps Nate Kamp to Lead Mid-Atlantic Expansion

Curate Partners Taps Nate Kamp to Lead Mid-Atlantic Expansion-hero

Curate Partners, a digital transformation and technology innovation provider, announced their plan to expand operations today with the selection of Nate Kamp as the company’s new Managing Partner of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Mr. Kamp brings 13 years of experience in talent management within the region, including work on behalf of some of the largest technology… Read more »

Curate: #2 Best Place to Work by BBJ

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Curate Partners’ attended the Boston Business Journal‘s 2019 Best Places to Work event on Wednesday night at the Head of the Concourse at the World Trade Center in Boston’s Seaport District as an honoree eager to discover their ranking in the Extra Small Companies category. The honoree companies and their final rankings were determined by Quantum… Read more »

Meet the Interns

Curate Partners interns

Curate’s Purple Squirrel Internship Program was designed to attract undergraduate student’s who demonstrate a passion for relationship development, a thirst for learning and a desire to expose themselves to real-time project work surrounding digital and tech innovation. After a comprehensive screening process with Talent Acquisition and our Executive team we narrowed it down to three… Read more »