Rethink Real Agile:

We're simplifying the process and guiding customers to the path of true Agile success. That means, lower costs, on schedule, development transparency, faster customer adoption and fail fast principles to building what truly delights your customers.

Not sure about the proven benefits of Agile? Below are 3 surefire indicators that you are doing something wrong:

  1.  IT projects are always late
  2.  Always over budget
  3.  Experiencing low customer satisfaction

Answer yes to any or all? Keep scrolling.

Our painless Performance Assessment and our Agile Jump Start puts you on the path to true Agile success.

Choose from 1 of our 2 tailored packages:

1. Performance Assessment

3-Step Process:

Step 1. Discovery phase with sponsors, stakeholders, product manager and developers

Step 2. Uncover the current state of success, current process for software development, technical infrastructure of the enterprise, people, willingness to commit to an agile world (culturally & financially)

Step 3. Utilizing our simple Product/Project Success Matrix, we are able to quickly identify how your organization measures up against target state.

Product/Project Success Matrix

2. Agile Jump Start©

Curate provides Agile specialists (Coach, PO and SMs) with proven success​

Team fully integrates rather than simply consulting from the sideline

Defined goals and milestones for both the client and the Curate Agile team​

An evolving Agile strategy to match your enterprise

Agile can be tested quickly to create success for the you​

Defined investment in time and $$

Customized playbook developed and provided for ongoing reference


As an extension of our Agile offering, we’ve recorded and shared two webinar series lead by Richard Lovell, our Agile Practice Lead.

“Why Agile?" focuses on the benefits of agile for your customers, for the business, for the finance team and also from the Technical Management's perspective. 

“Why Don't I See the ROI from my Agile Transformation?" focuses the challenges you/your team may be facing with Agile and how to overcome them and begin to see the ROI.

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