SucCess Stories

Computer Software Corporation

  • The Challenge

    A computer software integration corporation was facing unforeseen challenges with a major customer project. The team was experiencing a high turnover in leadership and they were behind on budget which resulted in a decline in quality of service and product from our client. These on-going issues were escalated to the highest level in their professional service teams as the pressure to resolve and deliver piled up.

  • Our Solution

    To oversee and revitalize the project, our client required a highly qualified leader to completely reconcile the project. We placed a Senior Program Manager who got our client back on track in a timely manner all the while nurturing and mending the customer relationship along the way.

    Due to the success of the program manager, the client then sought to continue using Curate to bring in top level experience in for highly sensitive, multi-faceted, projects that needed reconciling.

The Results


Increased Customer Satisfaction

The quick delivery of each complex customer project lead the client to experience increased customer satisfaction which results in repeat business and loyalty with their brand.


Improved Client’s Profitability

The new follow-on business gained from the project’s repertoire with the customer’s ultimately improved the client’s profitability.

What our clients say

“A lot of agencies just throw candidates at you without really knowing what you’re looking for. Curate took the time to really listen to what we were looking for and only send us the people that matched the culture, the people, that kind of stuff. They really listened to our feedback too after we spoke with a candidate. They were relationship-focused, not just the quick ‘I need to make a buck’ relationship.”

- Manager, Business Analysis